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English for German Speakers: Links to all Materials

Updated: Feb 27

Having worked with many German speaking English students over the years I have become very familiar with the most common errors that German speakers make when speaking English. My understanding of the German language has also allowed me to understand why these typical errors occur, and more importantly, how they can be overcome.

The materials below are designed to help you to understand why typical errors occur with your English, and to give you some essential practice to begin to unlearn mistakes and relearn the correct ways of expressing certain things in English. I am in the process of adapting all of the exercises to be in the form of worksheets that can be downloaded used and shared.

Overview Documents:

Exercises relating to the correct use of English tenses:

Difficulties with complicated English sentence structure:

Difficulties arising from Prepositions:

Difficulties related to Vocabulary:



Worksheet 1 - Past Simple or Present Perfect: Using the Past Simple to say when something happened in the Past and using the Present Perfect to say when something never (noch nie) happened in the past;

Worksheet - Past Simple or Present Perfect
Download DOCX • 351KB

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