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Building Fluency: Will flying ever be sustainable?

The environmental impacts of flying are significant and multifaceted, contributing to climate change, air pollution, and ecosystem disruption. Given that by 2050, airlines are expected to carry about 10 billion passengers on flights it is necessary to think about whether the aviation industry can ever be sustainable.

Die Umweltauswirkungen des Fliegens sind erheblich und vielfältig und tragen zum Klimawandel, zur Luftverschmutzung und zur Störung von Ökosystemen bei. Wenn man bedenkt, dass die Fluggesellschaften bis 2050 voraussichtlich 10 Milliarden Passagiere befördern werden, muss man darüber nachdenken, ob die Luftfahrtindustrie jemals nachhaltig sein kann.

These materials will help you to start to talk about sustainability and flying.

Start by looking at the linked document with some key vocabulary related to sustainability and flying and then watch the video below thinking about the answers to the guiding questions.

Key Vocabulary:

Sustainability and Flying Vocabulary
Download PDF • 105KB

The video: Watch the video below thinking about the following questions;

  1. What are the two big reasons why flying presents a unique challenge to climate change?

  2. Can we use hydrogen to power planes?

  3. Why can’t we use electricity to power planes?

  4. What advice do they give at the end of the video?

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