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Anki Flashcard Decks for German Speakers of English

This document contains downloadable Anki decks that will help you to effectively unlearn the most common errors that German speakers make in English. In each deck you are given a series of sentences in German on the frontside, and the correct English translation on the backside. By being given the German sentence first and needing to translate it into English your brain is encouraged to start actively thinking how certain information is accurately formed in English and to start to overwrite the typical errors that are often caused when German speakers allow German grammar to negatively influence their creation of English sentences.

Each deck is connected to specific materials that should help you to understand the core grammatical rules behind the grammar. However, whenever you are presented with a sentence where it isn't clear why it is formed in English in a certain way then make sure that you let me know and I can explain the grammar and provide further practice if needed.


How to use the decks:

  • Firstly you'll need the Anki app, which can be downloaded on your phone or computer. Anki is free on Android phones, but as iPhone users have to pay for the App I'd really suggest that they use the desktop version first to see if they would actually use it, then pay for it when you know it's a worthwhile investment.

  • Secondly download the Anki Deck link from within this post which is a zipped file (Wix doesn't support the original file format so this is my workaround), then right click and unzip the file, then open it into your app. (or ask me for the original file via email...).

  • When it is uploaded into the app you can click 'study' and you'll be shown the first sentence in German. Think how you'd translate it, say the translation out loud then click 'show answer' - you can then tell the app whether it was, easy, moderate or impossible to answer and you'll be shown the card again accordingly.

The decks:

The first deck relates to the document Essential English Tenses for German Speakers and contains 92 sentences that will help you to practice actively producing the correct tenses in English. Each tense has four examples in positive, negative and question forms.

JoelWhiteEnglish Englische Zeitformen
Download ZIP • 27KB

If you have any problems downloading or opening the deck, just let me know and I'll send you the original file via email.


*Further decks will be added soon and will cover grammar and vocabulary such as prepositions, false friends, conditional sentences etc etc - check back to see what has been uploaded.


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