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Building Fluency: 6 Surprising things that are forbidden in Germany.

This post will help you to build your spoken fluency on the topic of surprising things that are banned in Germany.

Have a look at the image below, it shows a number of things that are forbidden in Germany and could land you in a lot of trouble if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.... what do you think they are?

To find out what they are we will watch a video from the DW Euromaxx series in which they talk about 6 surprising things that are forbidden in Germany.

Building vocabulary: The document below contains some of the most relevant and useful vocabulary related to bans and restrictions, have a look at this before watching the video and add any new vocabulary to the list from the video. Any new vocabulary can be learnt most effectively using Anki flashcards.

Bans & Restrictions
Download PDF • 141KB

Now, let's watch the video: Watch the video below, and whilst watching it try to answer the following questions. These will help you to focus on the content of the video!

  1. What are the six surprising things that are forbidden in Germany?

  2. What are the details of each of the bans – why are they forbidden?

  3. Are there consequences to breaking the bans? if so, what are they?

Fluency building lessons: The main focus of fluency building lessons is to use natural conversation to give you the opportunity to really develop your speaking skills, identify missing vocabulary, correct grammatical and pronunciation errors and actively learn the skills that will bring your English forwards. By basing the lessons on different source materials we are able to have a clear structure to the contents of the lesson as well as giving you some excellent exposure to good English to learn from as preparation for the lesson.

If you'd like to know more, or want to book a free trail meeting with myself, then send an email to to get the conversation started!

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