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The Riddle of Why Russians Don't Protest

These materials are based on a video by the Russian philosopher, Vlad Vexler, who gives us some interesting insights into life in Russia and how that affects ordinary Russians willingness to protest against the war in Ukraine.

The videos represents one persons view, and is certainly open to different interpretations and critiques - I personally find the persons views very insightful, but am open to any contradictory information or different perspectives that anyone might have.

Watch the video below and think about the following questions. For each question is point out roughly where in the video the corresponding answer might be found.

  1. What does Vlad suggest peoples responses would have been if Putin had given Ukraine land or bombed a Russian city in February? (1:29 onwards).

  2. According to Vlad, how do Russians understand their borders to be? (2:19 onwards).

  3. What were the Poll results compiled in 2021 (3:16 onwards).

  4. What does Postmodernist denial mean to Vlad? (4:59 onwards).

  5. What does Vlad say is the reason that Russia can’t be a ‘normal’ country? (7:45 onwards).

  6. According to Vlad, what is the 'deal' reached between Putin and the population? (8:44 onwards).

Lastly, what do you personally think? do you have a different opinion to the videos author?

Remember, you can open the transcript of any video on Youtube by opening the video in a new window, then clicking on the three dots underneath the video to open the correct menu;


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