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Example Teaching Materials

Updated: Mar 12

Here are a couple of examples of different lesson materials that were put together for individual groups that I have worked with. In the materials I have added my own comments in red to illustrate how I would use the materials in the lesson. Naturally, with all personalised lessons, the content of the lessons would vary enormously depending on the needs of the companies and individuals that I am working with. Nonetheless, they give a bit of an insight into how I approach using different resources and teaching styles.

The lesson notes document below is an example of the document that is produced for students during every lesson and contains any relevant notes from the lesson as well as target language for them to learn.

Example Teaching Materials:

B1 Business English Lesson - Daily Work
Download PDF • 387KB

C1 Business English Lesson - Leadership
Download PDF • 287KB

Example Lesson Notes Document:

Example Lesson Notes Document
Download PDF • 200KB

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