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Languistic Business English Course

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

What is Languistic?

Languistic is a Business English course that is designed to be adapted to the unique needs of the particular individual, start-up or business to whom the course is being offered.

In consultation with the individual, start-up or business we would start by identifying which very specific skills need to be developed and which language related problems need to be be solved.

The course is then run using a series of 'real life' activities that are designed to replicate as closely as possible the realities and requirements of working in English. Examples of real life activities would be "writing an email to make a complaint", "giving an update report in a meeting", "dealing with conflict with a client" or "doing a short presentation" - these are all really generic and broad tasks, so of course, the more specific the participants needs are for English, the more specific the tasks can be designed.

The course can be delivered online via Zoom or in person within central Berlin.

What does the course cover?

The basic principle underlying the course is that good Business English is about being able to speak clearly, confidently and fluently about the main themes and topics of any unique industry and also the ability to master a range of functional skills that all carry their own unique requirements with regards to grammatical structures, cultural and business awareness and communicational skills.

Building fluency: This is done best through the use of carefully selected source materials and active engagement in structured conversations designed to facilitate the development of vocabulary and fluency. Building fluency is underpinned by having a good use of essential English grammar, but with more of a focus on building vocabulary and speaking skills.

Functional Skills: Based on my teaching and professional experience, the most common functional Business English requirements are that learners can; introduce themselves clearly, can send and respond appropriately to emails, can manage tone in written and spoken English, can communicate in a culturally appropriate way, can engage in small talk appropriate to the context, can give a professional presentation, can master the use of intonation and emphasis to communicate effectively in English, can give an accurate and coherent progress update, can plan and propose future work, can delegate work, can make and respond to complaints, can give feedback and constructive criticism and can negotiate effectively.

Depending on the unique needs of the individual or business, I can also prepare materials that relate to a very specific business function that needs to be carried out in English.

Where do materials come from?

I provide all materials myself – a selection of which are available on this website already, and for each lesson I would send a follow up document with any key language (such as new vocabulary, error corrections, pronunciational corrections etc etc). A link to an overview of materials that I have designed related to Business English can be found here, and materials designed specifically for German speakers can be found here.

How much does the course cost?

Given the adaptability around how the course is conducted in terms of the number of participants and the number of lessons required, it would be best to discuss prices individually. I usually send invoices at the end of each calendar month so no upfront payment would be required.

How can we get started?

Please get in contact with a short introductory email at so that we can start to understand the unique language needs that you would have and how a course could be structured to effectively meet those needs.


Joel White

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