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Introducing Yourself and your Company

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

These materials are designed to help you to prepare for a lesson on: Introducing yourself and your company.

Being able to introduce yourself and your company effectively in English is an essential business skill - you might be asked at the start of a meeting to introduce yourself to the other attendees, or find yourself in a situation where you need to network with other professionals and explain what it is that you and your company do.

For non-native English speakers, the introduction might be the first opportunity to show people how well you can speak English and create a good impression! so if you get this right, then you can really give yourself a confidence boost for the rest of your communication in English.


  • Firstly, look at the preparation tasks that I have chosen to help you to develop this skill.

  • Then, look at the materials provided to help with your preparation tasks and in terms of your general understanding of this particular skill.

  • Lastly, complete the tasks prior to the lesson*. (Starting by having the student complete a preparation tasks gives me an understanding of the learners ability with this task to effectively ensure and build on their understanding of appropriate language and vocabulary, good use of grammar and clear communicational skills to communicate clearly, confidently and professionally in English).

*If it's not possible to complete the tasks outside of the lesson, then we can do this as part of a lesson. I prefer to give student the option of doing as much work in their own time as possible to be more cost efficient and to maximise learning.


The Preparation Tasks

Your first task has arrived via email below;

*write this task about yourself in your current role.

and here is the second one;

*when you do the second task, make the introduction about either the company you work for in real life, or if you are feeling adventurous, about a company that you make up yourself!

To really do these tasks well, I would suggest basing your introductions on the following questions below, but feel free to add as much more information as you want. Remember, the introduction can also be used by yourself in real life, so make sure that it is also good enough to be actually used.

1. Introducing yourself: in your first introduction, try to answer the following questions, and include anything else you know would be relevant.

  • What is your name, where you are from and your job title?

  • How long you have been in your current position?

  • What are your main responsibilities within your role?

  • How your role fits into the structure of the company? (ie, do you manage a team, do you work alongside other teams?)

2. Introducing your company: in your second introduction, try to answer the following questions, and include anything else you know would be relevant.

  • What is the name of your company and what branch is it in?

  • What kind of services/products does your company offer?

  • Where is the company based and where does it operate?

  • How long has the company been in existence?


The Materials

Firstly, this video below gives a nice introduction to completing this task;

To really get into the useful vocabulary and sentence structures that are essential for introducing yourself really well I will link an excellent article on FluentU's website called 30 Important English Phrases for Nailing Business Introductions. Have a look over the list, taking out any particular vocabulary that you think would be useful - pay particular attention to things like prepositions (work + for / located + in).



Having looked at the materials and completed the preparation tasks, you are ready for the lesson. Send anything you have prepared to me if you would like me to look at it before the lesson -

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