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Business Fluency: Starting a Business.

The world is full of stories of entrepreneurs who have turned a simple idea into a lucrative business - Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his dorm room and as you are reading this hundreds of thousands of people around the world are making enormous sums of money producing videos on YouTube.

Have you ever considered starting a business yourself? whether yes or no, these materials look at the underlying concepts behind starting a successful business.

To engage with the materials, think about the following questions;

  1. What do you think is necessary to start a successful business? What is the most important requirement?

  2. If you needed to generate some income quickly, aside from looking for a paid job, what would you do? Is there a service you could offer? a product you could sell or a business idea you already have?


The Materials:

To get a basic idea, have a look at the article How to start a business: a beginner’s guide by an expert in strategy. Forbes Advisor offer a much more detailed overview of the necessary steps to setting up a business in the article How to Start a Business in 11 Steps. Both articles contain essential vocabulary on this topic.

This Ted talk below gives an interesting insight into the single biggest reason that start-ups succeed or not - what is it and why?

To generate a couple of ideas, this article; 26 Best Small Business Ideas to Start in 2022 contains some excellent vocabulary related to each of the different ideas.

To give a bit of balance to the topic, this video from The Onion shows us a product idea that we possibly don't need anytime soon...


Having looked at all the materials and thought about the questions you are well prepared to start to talk about this topic as part of a lesson, or as a writing excercise where you answer the questions to practice using the core vocabulary and concepts involved!

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