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Building Fluency: What would Society be Like without Laws?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

These materials below will help you to prepare for fluency building lessons on the topic: What would Society be Like without Laws?

How to use the materials:

Firstly, look at the topic questions - we will start the lesson by answering these. Then look at the materials that I have chosen to help you to start building your vocabulary and ideas around the topic and to answer the questions. Each material has been given an approximate difficulty level to understand which will suit you best.

The main focus of individual lessons is to use the materials as the basis of natural conversation about the topic to give you the opportunity to really develop your speaking skills, identify missing vocabulary, correct grammatical and pronunciation errors and actively teach you skills that will bring your English forwards.

When using the materials, write down any new vocabulary that you think you would need to talk about the topic - Any new vocabulary can be learnt most effectively using Anki flashcards. If you find a lot of new vocabulary, set a limit to how much you want to learn and only learn what you think is most relevant for yourself. Also, make a note of any questions that you have about the language or grammar used in the materials to discuss together.


What would Society be Like without Laws?


  1. Why do we need laws in a society and what would happen if they were removed?

  2. If there were no laws, or written rules, how else would people be able to tell right from wrong?

The Materials:

What would society be like without laws? This is a question that has been debated by philosophers and thinkers for centuries. Some people believe that society would crumble without laws, while others believe that it would be a more peaceful and fair society. We will explore what society would be like without laws.

The David Graduate recently published the article What Society Would Be Like Without Laws, from which I took the opening text above, and within which is a relatively straightforward consideration of how we might start to answer our question.

A more complex and philosophical approach is taken by the Conversation in the article Could we live in a world without rules? which thinks about the role of rules in societies as a way of inferring what could happen without them.

To give a bit of balance, here is a video summary of the film The Purge which is based on a fictional society in which there is a yearly removal of all laws for 12 hours. Warning - this is a violent horror film, so only suitable for adults, so don't watch it if you don't want to. In the film it is said that due to the Purge the crime rate virtually disappears, though I'm sure you can guess what might happen during the 12 hours...

Over to you

Having thought about the topic questions to answer and looked through some of the materials you are ready to talk about this topic for some excellent speaking practice and to activate any new language you have learnt!

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