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Building Fluency: Germans & Their Efficiency At Work

Updated: Feb 21

Think of the typical German office, and most people would imagine hard work and efficiency, but what is working life in Germany really like? In this post we look a bit closer at what makes German working culture unique. We'll start with a look at some key vocabulary which is in the document that you can download here;

Germans & Their Efficiency At Work Vocab
Download DOCX • 289KB

Then we'll watch the following video from the DW Euromaxx series;

And lastly let's think about answering the following questions;

  1. What is unique about German working culture?

  2. The video talks about the culture around respecting working hours, time off and sick leave - do you agree with the points made? how is it in your company?

  3. The video also talks about the impact that German working culture can have on the Gender Pay Gap - do you agree with what is said?

  4. The word Feierabend doesn't really translate very easily into English - what does it mean to you?


*Below is an image version of the vocabulary document from above;

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