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Building Fluency: Elon Musk and Twitter

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

These materials will help you to build your fluency on the topic: Elon Musk and Twitter.

Instructions for the materials: Work through the whole post, looking at the guiding questions, the different articles, videos and other sources. Focus on understanding the materials, but don't worry if you don't understand everything. Any new vocabulary that you find can be learnt most effectively using Anki flashcards. If you find a lot of new vocabulary, set a limit to how much you want to learn and only learn what you think is most relevant for yourself. When you have looked at all (or at least some of) the materials then you are ready to talk about the topic in a lesson with myself.

A link to all other Fluency Building topics (and other General English Materials) can be found here. For Business English materials look here.


Elon Musk and Twitter

This post contains preparation materials to be able to speak about Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.

The main questions that I would like to focus on you being able to answer are;

  1. What was the real motive for Elon Musk Buying Twitter?

  2. What has Elon Musk done so far at Twitter, and has it been positive?

  3. What do you think will be the future for Twitter under Elon Musk?

Here is (possibly) where it all started - a Tweet from Elon Musk expressing a desire to buy Twitter.

Fast forward 5(ish) years, and Elon Musk is now the owner of Twitter. However, the purchase and running of the company doesn't seem to be going as smoothly as hoped. In the following links we will look at what is going on and think about what might happen in the future with Twitter.

Let's start with this video from the Wall Street Journal; what does the video tell us about Twitters financial situation?

The BBC recently published an article entitled Elon Musk claims he's buying Twitter to 'help humanity'. Have a look in it to see some of the reasons for his purchasing of Twitter.

This analysis piece on the Guardian Will Elon Musk really let Twitter go bust? gives an interesting insight into the reality of what will happen to Twitter given it's financial problems at present.

Below is (supposedly) a leaked email sent by Elon Musk to his employees at Twitter asking them to go above and beyond in their contribution to Twitter and work performance. What impact do you think this kind of email will have on his employees willingness to work for him?

So, there we go. If you have looked at all these materials and though about the questions, then you are ready to start to talk about Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter!


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