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Building Fluency: 10 Fun Facts about Health Care in Germany.

What do people believe could make you ill, which home remedies work and what magical healing powers do scarves really have? In these materials we look at some interesting facts about health care in Germany.


Start by looking at the vocabulary table below, then we will watch a short video. To help you to learn more from the video I have written a couple of questions to think about whilst you are watching. These questions would be excellent as either the start of a conversation as a part of a lesson, or could be used individually as a writing exercise.   

Essential Vocabulary

Health insurance.

Health insurance company.


A treatment.

A home remedy.


A waiting room.   


The general practitioner.

A gynecologist.

A dentist.

A dermatologist.



A cold.

A fever.

A headache.


An chemist BrE /  a drugstore AmE.

A prescription. 


Die Krankenkasse.







Der Hausarzt.

Ein Frauenarzt.

Ein Zahnarzt.

Ein Hautarzt.

Ein Augenarzt.


Eine Erkältung.

Ein Fieber.



Ein Apotheke.

Ein Rezept.

The Video

When you watch the video below, try to answer the follow questions:

  1. According to the presenter, what do people in Germany think will make you ill?

  2. What home remedies are mentioned in the video?

  3. What is the importance of scarves? 

These materials in PDF form can be downloaded below;

10 fun facts about healthcare in Germany
Download PDF • 227KB

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